Friday, 14 October 2016

Disposal of wastes at Collection Center

The Gewog administration on 13th September having completed the Common Forum discussed with the Dharchargang residents and also the shopkeepers that the Gewog will impose a fines or penalties as in the norms if the tenants and people are found littering the wastes and it was also despite being informed and advocated to the public earlier.
And it was also after few people raised this issue having seen the staffs disposing the wastes and some even throwing with unwrapped bags as they travel on their motorcycles and cars.
The Gewog reminded that it is also the house owners mandate to provide the Bins for their tenants.
The people also raised the issue that the school going children throwing the wrappers and the parents were also told to advise their children not to throw everywhere and the Gewog to further remind the school management if they could also remind the students on morning Assembly or other periods.
The Gewog also briefed all the shopkeepers and all people to dispose the wastes (Plastics and papers) after having packed and tightened properly in sacks so it is easier for the disposal or unload from the collection center later on.
The house owners, shopkeepers and all the residents agreed to take turn for disposing the wastes or to empty the wastes from the collection center to the Municipal Truck.
On 15th September, the Gewog Administration also sent the letter in writing officially to all the shopkeepers and House or Building owners about it.
The School management was also informed to remind their students about it.

By Lobzang Choda