Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A Helping Hand

They all are the students of Mendrelgang high school, Tsirang all in the age Group of 16 to 18 years and are on a winter vacation. Some presently working for the ongoing widening of the Rakshaydangra-Chaunetai PTT at Rangthangling as labors which is carried out departmentally by the residents of this chewog or the RUG (Road User Group) of this community and earning Nu.5000 a month and Nu.165 per day and some presently fetching the oranges which is 2 hours walk from the Zulphaygaon Village to the Road point or the Orange Depot near Rangthangling NFE Center earning Nu.200 and Nu.300 per day.
A helping hand for their parents, earning income & a pride with a great sense of dignity of labor. 

By Lobzang Choda
GAO,Rangthangling Gewog, Tsirang Dzongkhag

Monday, 9 December 2013

A Final Endorsement of the Activities by GT members.

After the Consultative meeting with the people of the Gewog on the CDG, the GT members discussed and deliberated on the activities/programs listed on 6th November.

The Construction of meeting hall is identified at Nimazor school area having no government plot to construct. And it is also to be discussed with the Education office for the Construction at school area. The meeting hall is to have a multipurpose usage like the storage house, meeting hall, a provision for the ORC and also can be used by the school.

The maintenance of old Meeting hall/ORC at Rangthangling is to be done with the proper construction of the side walls with windows and door.

The members found not much need of a kitchen for the ORC at Sunkosh as the wiring and the toilet was in line to the planned activity of the fiscal year 2013-2014.
Instead a budget of Nu.20,000 was to be allocated for the farmers Group at Sunkosh, (an income generating Group) for the newly formed Farmers Group as their Transportation charge.

The Budget of 12 lakhs was to be used for the CPS farm Road at Dhajay as an additional budget and if the proposed amount from the project got approved then the Budget from the GDG is to be diverted for the activities like SLMP training, seeds and seedling of the Farmers, and others.

The GDG is also to be used for the kitchen construction at Neymedsa Lhakhang and the Tshogpa is to see whether there is an availability of the Government plot for this Construction.

By Lobzang Choda
Rangthangling, Tsirang

Friday, 6 December 2013

A Consultative Meeting on Gewog Development Grant(GDG).

On 2nd November, 2013 at Gewog meeting hall, a consultative meeting with the people of all the Chewogs of the Gewog was held for the usage of the Gewog Development Grant (GDG).

It began with the well come speech by the Gewog Administrative officer and followed by the speech of the Chairman of the GT (Gewog Tshogdu).
Later the public were also briefed with the Guidelines of the GDG to the gatherings with both the languages (Dzongkha and Lhotshamkha) for their proper understanding.

After the Briefing of the Guidelines the people of the concerned chewogs were to raise the issues of the programs or the activities they wish to have at the Chewogs/villages keeping in note of the Guidelines of the Grant.
From the Sunkosh Chewog, the activity was the need of a guest house, the KitchenMaintenence for the present ORC and also the Farm Road.
For the Nimazor Chewog, there was a need for the Meeting hall, the farm roads, irrigation channels, staff quarters of ECR, bridge maintenance and the school fencing.
The irrigation channels were in the planned activity and for the Bridge maintenance also it was in the planned activity.
For the school quarter it seemed it was a contradiction as per the ECR Guidelines if it’s to  construct a Quarter as it was clearly stated that it should reduce the Burden on the government by running as Multi grade classrooms and there seemed no reliability for the coming years.
 About the farm Road, the Farm Road guidelines were also clearly read out to the Public by the Gewog Senior Agriculture Extension Supervisor.

The Neymedsa Chewog asked the need of a toilet for the meeting hall, Training of Youth for the Computer, Kitchen for the Lhakhang,
In response the Gup stated that the Toilet is in the planned activity and for the Kitchen it is to be further discussed in the GT meeting for the final Endorsement.

From the Dhajay people, there was a need of addition money for the school farm road of Nu.12 lakhs and also the procurement of the pots for the Gewog annual Rimdro.
The Procurement of the Pots was not feasible as per the guidelines of the GDG and also was not in urgency or a dire need activity or program.
The addition money was also to be discussed in the GT meeting for the Final Endorsement.

The Rangthangling Chewog people asked for the Kitchen and toilet for the present ORC and the ORC to be done a partition. The Irrigation channels and BHU were also on the list.
The BHU was also not feasible as it has to be from the Dzongkhag planned Activity and the irrigation channels were included in the planned activity.
However the Maintenance of the ORC was to be discussed in the GT meeting for the Final Endorsement which is slated on 6th December, 2013.

So the following are the activities/Programs to be discussed on 6/12/2013 for the Endorsement.
  1. Meeting hall having Multi purposes at Nimazor.
  2. Maintenance of ORC/Meeting hall at Rangthangling.
  3. Maintenence at Sunkosh ORC.
  4. Additional budget of 12 lakhs for the CPS farm Road at Dhajay.
  5. Kitchen at Gewog Lhakhang.
Members present at Meeting (GT members & Gewog Staffs)
GT Chairman                        Dhajay Tshogpa         R/ling Tshogpa        Sunkosh Tshogpa
Neymedsa Tshogpa        Nimazor Tshogpa  
GAO                                          AES                                           Gaydrung           Ranger

By Lobzang Choda
Rangthangling Gewog, Tsirang