Friday, 20 March 2015

Construction of a Farm Road, Approach Road to Gewog Lhakhang.

The Construction of 0.5(half)kilometer Lhakhang Farm Road, approach Road till Gewog Lhakhang started on 17th of March by the Community contractor, Mr.Dil Bdr. Tamang as chairman of the Community Group after it was awarded to him on the basis of a lottery system of Yes and No of which he got a Yes vote amongst the three community contractors of the Gewog with the negotiation of fixed 3% from the estimated amount of Nu.11,53,463(eleven lakhs fifty three thousand and four hundred and sixty three)only and it is also one such procedure in the community Contracting Protocol-E;-Negotiation of the Contract.
And its to be completed in three months of time, i.e before June and is also one of the prioritized activity of the GDG (Gewog Development Grant) having endorsed by all the GT (Gewog Tshogdu) members for this fiscal year.

By Lobzang Choda
Rangthangling Gewog

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

                                       12 YEARS OlD DISABLE GIRL

Tika Devi Thapa, 12  is from Lower Salami, Tashiyangong Chiwog under Kikhorthang Gewog in Tsirang Dzongkhag.

Her father Bhakta Bdr. Thapa, 72  is from Nyzergang chiwog under Kikhorthang and her mother  Siva Maya Subba, 56 is from Tashiyangong chiwog under Kikhorthang Gewog. 

 Bhakta Bdr. Thapa and Siva Maya Subba are working as a caretaker for a land belonging to M/S Yarkey construction. Siva Maya Subba owns 96 Decimals of land and her  husband Bhakta Bdr. Thapa is a landless.

Tika Devi Thapa is suffering from  paralyzed and also having speech problem. Her parents said” she was a normal child till she was 18 months but after that she got sick and became paralyzed”.

Both parents said” as they grow old everything is becoming harder for the family”. She required full assistance all the times  and now her parents are concerned about her future. She is the only child to the parents.  

By Damcho 
Kikhorthang Gewog
 Disability problem in Lower Salami village

There are around 25 people suffering from disability like paralysed, deaf, dumb, visual  and some mental problem in Kikhorthang Gewog but mostly common in  Lower Salami, Tashiyangjong Chiwog.

The chiwog Tshogpa and elder people of the village said “hearing problem in their locality started few years back and now many  teenagers are  going through same problem.

 There are total of eleven different types of disable person in the village among them there are two completely deaf students Lok Nath Gautam, 22 and Ganesh Mongar 21 who passed 10 standard but could not qualified for further studies.

Ganesh Mongar had a  hearing problem  when he was in 7 standard and it has become worst for him.  Now, he is completely deaf.  He started his schooling from Salami community school and completed his 10 standard from Damphu Higher Secondary School in 2014, he never flunk in his studies, His elder brother also going through the same problem.

” My ambition is to become a Doctor and help all those disable people like me, but due to my  hearing problem I scored only 58 percent and shattered my dreams” said Ganesh Monger. He said” i could have done much better if i am a normal person”.

Both Ganesh Mongar and Lok Nath Gautam wants to pursue their education, they came with their parents asking for favor to help them get a  special scholarship for their education seeking help from higher authority but I am completely helpless although I feel so  much pity on them.

Kikhorthang Gewog