Thursday, 26 June 2014

Awareness/Sensitizing the Public

The Gewog Officials comprised of Gup, AES(Sr.Agriculture Extension Supervisor),Ranger and myself made a tour to sensitize or to create awareness to the residents of the villages and chewogs of Rangthangling Gewog on important issues.
 The Agriculture Extension Supervisor made presentations on the land management and its importance to the farmers. Some examples of some of the Places like Wamrong were also shown with the pictures to the people. He advised them that the budget maintained for the SLMP for the Gewog’s 11th FYP is to be used for such purposes benefitting the community of the villages espically Rangthangling and Nimazor Chewogs.
As a RENEW Focal Person and having seen many cases of Domestic Violence, I, Gewog Administrative Officer briefed the people of the existence of the Domestic Violence Prevention Act, 2013 and the need to refrain being  violence, the types of Domestic Violence and others. They were also told that it will be considered as a criminal for the  violence. The pathetic pictures of the Victims of the Domestic Violence were also shown along with the video clips of the RENEW related to the Domestic Violence.
The Gewog Ranger also made presentations of the importance on the Watershed management, what is water shed and the need to have preventive measures like protecting the water sources by fencing and doing plantations around the source. He also assured that the budget of one lakh has been maintained by the Gewog for the Fiscal Year 2014-2015 for the watershed management.

The Gewog Gup stressed on the need to preserve the Culture and Traditions of the Nation and to begin from individuals like wearing the National Dress on all occasions, the need to attend the meetings held by the Gewog, the need to learn the national language and others.
The Gup having attended the Training about the Rural House Construction for Earthquake Resistance briefed the people to opt for one storey house construction and to have the quality of the house with fewer edges which means less likely to collapse from the Disasters like Earthquakes. The real pictures were also shown of the disasters caused by the Earthquake at Narang Gewog, Mongar .

The residents were also briefed of the types of waste, how it is generated, how to dispose the waste and the identification of the disposal or dumping area for their chewogs with soon to set up the Dustbins. The need to bring the E- Waste to the Gewog Center was also reminded with the examples of E-waste as the E-waste storage was to set up at Gewog Center. The residents were also reminded to have a compost pit and the other waste which can be recycled to be disposed at Identified Dustbins of the Chewogs.
We also visited the water sources, the plantations in the CF area and how the wastes were disposed or managed by the residents and shopkeepers.                                           

By Lobzang Choda
Rangthangling Gewog

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Start of a life as a GAO

Having just escaped the school life, it indeed feels a great relief for one to get employed. Now that I have entered into the work life, I feel happy as well as worried since duty comes with responsibilities.
Being a GAO, I think it would be an interesting task because through my induction course out here I could portray that the task of GAO is not one man game. One needs to be multi -talented, therefore, I can learn a lot of new things.
Above all, I feel proud to be a GAO because I can understand the problems and pains of the common man at the grass root level and help them. I want to myself to work hard with utmost dedication to my gewog. I hope my people will  like my coming to their place. I want to make a difference in their lives.

                                                                                                             Yeshey Wangmo
                                                                                                             Chokorling. Pemagatshel.