Wednesday, 1 April 2015

6th GT

                                  Minutes of the 6th GT held on 18th March, 2015
For the maintenance of Dharchargang farm road (Dhajay Gup office to Tsholingkhar), the budget had been allocated for the next fiscal year for the beneficiaries of the Dhajay or RUG. The beneficiaries are also to discuss with the Tsholingkhar beneficiaries for the maintenance on their part of the road falling in their area.
About the Nimazor kulos, A and B, it is incorporated in the next planned activity and the budget of one lakh is insufficient for the two irrigation channels. So it has been put up for the next year’s activity for the GDG (Gewog Development Grant).
For the Nimazor Farm Road maintenance, a budget had been allocated for next fiscal year.
For the need of budget for the maintenance of Devithan and Chaprasey irrigation channels, it was a small maintenance and having no budget allocated or incorporated in the planned activity, it is to firstly authenticate from the Gewog with the detailed report to be submitted to the GT members.
The soiling and edging of Rakshey till NFE center (Daragaon), it was only very recently completed from the DRDP project, so it was also not very appropriate for such maintenance. So it’s to be kept as it is for this work without maintenance.
For the Sunkosh farm road, the two take up points for the farm road as asked by the Sunkosh residents is to be discussed with all the Sunkosh residents by the Gewog although it was for only one farm road with one take up point having agreed by themselves earlier.
For the soling and edging of Farm road from the BPC junction to school, it’s to start very soon as the Gewog also received a letter for the 15% approved budget. And it’s likely to begin very soon for this SDP funded project after floating the tenders.
For the spring source protection of seven households, the Gewog is to see the possibility to reappropriate the budget from next year’s Sunkosh RWSS scheme which the budget been allocated.
For two households, it is to be incorporated in the plan for the budget has been allocated in the 11th FYP.
Culture & Tradition
The need of Gewog lam’s chair (Zhuthey & zhuden), Chu se pata and Serthog for Lhakhang, it is to be procured from the Budget of one lakh allocated for next year.
For the Establishment of ECCD at Rangthangling School and the school needing a support for the construction of a house from Gewog, it was decided to submit the details of the budget, the materials and estimates to Gewog or is it funded by the Government. And it was also to discuss and brief with people before beginning the construction of house.
For the maintenance of school ground at Nimazor ECR, it is to be discussed by the school at the time of parents meeting in presence of Gewog officials and if the maintenance required is more than Gewog is to see the other possibilities.
For the Teachers quarter, the work is to be done by the parents for one or two days as the materials are provided. The meter box is to be set up after properly discussing with stakeholders.
For the construction and maintenance of houses approval to be given by the Gewog Administration, the Gewog approves for the temporary houses and Dzongkhag approves for the permanent structures. However it was difficult for the people to process for the housing approval from the Dzongkhag with all the formalities required and to the people without thram not being approved by the Dzongkhag and other issues. So it’s to be forwarded to the DT (Dzongkhag Tshogdu).
Read out the performance agreement by the GAO to the GT members with the targets and achievements made by Gewog.
A need of Gewog’s committee member in the school admission is not very relevant for it’s clearly stated in the education policy for the admission of school children and not much role as a member of a committee other than signing in the school form yet the school principal is also to consider the roles of the committee members if there is involvement of Gewog in the future or the principal can also appraise to the concerned stakeholders of this issue.
Difficulty in the achievement of the targets as per the performance agreement drawn particularly for Agriculture sector with allocation of very less budgets in the seeds and seedlings yearly. The Tshogpas were also reminded of such importance for the performance agreement.
The immediate need of the rehabilitation of the suspension bridges at Nimazor is to be discussed with the beneficiaries of the Chewog and the CF (community Forest) although it had been earlier discussed with the stakeholders about it. It’s to begin as soon as the Forest Ranger arrives to Gewog, the Rehabilitation of the Bridges to complete it before the end of this fiscal year.
The need to put up the Applications officially in writing to Gewog office by all the staffs, civil servants and the elected for availing the leave especially the long leave was reminded to all.
Compiled by;-
                               Lobzang Choda
                          Gewog Administrative Officer
                       Rangthangling Gewog, Tsirang

Plastic Bottles-Green House

Mr. Tshering Penjor Sherpa, 28 years old from Neymedsa village is with a smile on his face today having completed his green house which took him little more than four months requiring 400 kgs of plastic bottles.
He says, “I have constructed firstly to save the environment by using the waste bottles which decrease the wastes being dumped, to control the import of poly house plastics, to increase the off season production of vegetables and lastly to motivate the school dropout youths in doing agriculture works using their skills and techniques”.
His green house of plastic bottles is also decorated with the black painting on the bamboos used as stands and the only door colored of green bottles. And not a single material like nail and thread can be seen used for this project.
The products like pen stands, flowers and baskets are also made from the pet bottles.

By Lobzang Choda

Rangthangling Gewog