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letter writing

The educated people worry either about grammer or the format of letter writing whereas rural people arr carefree regarding it.  All they desire is that, their message is conveyed in any means.

Tashi Dema
Sergithang gewog

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

 A deer, who loves coming to office

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The bridge that serves the thousand purpose

by Chador

Construction of Caretaker's residence at Shiva Mandir accelerates

Construction of Caretaker's residence at shiva mandir (Jomotshangkha throm), under Langchenphu gewog expedite for its completion. The work was incorporated in the 11th Five Year Plan (FYP), to conserve the only shiva mandir in the country and to promote tourism from India and within Bhutan.

For 67 year old Bakti Ram Rizal said, "its dream coming true", he always wanted to see new changes taking place in the mandir. He have managed all the affairs of the mandir all by himself most probably rely on small contribution from the people of Langchenphu and donation from within the country. Once upon time, the shiva mandir was under the control of India and mandir's affair were managed by an Indian priest until the border demarcation in 1987, said Mr. Rizal. 

 Many followers of lord shiva from India and Bhutan, frequently visit the mandir to seek blessings, make offerings, perform rituals and to conduct marriage ceremony. Mr. Rizal said that, "there was dire need to improve the aesthetic beauty of the mandir", and it is with the construction of caretaker's resident cum guest house that would beautify the campus of the mandir and thus, attract more visitors in the coming years. M/s Master Construction has been generous for construction of butter lamp house in front of the mandir. This once complete will people to offer butter lamps, which in fact, will lite up the area during the night. 

Once completed, out of  8 rooms, three rooms will be occupied by mandir's caretaker and family, one room will be kept as meeting hall and rest rooms for the guest. Beside other guest, lot of dignitaries from Indian and Bhutan visit this place and the construction will enhance delivery of quality services to those dignitaries and public in general. This will also help the mandir committee to function independently, as they longer have to rely on other obligations like hiring of halls for their programmes.
The Langchenphu gewog administration, has proposed a total budget of Nu. 800,000 (Eight Hundred Thousand) but Nu. 500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand) has been approved by the GNHC, for construction of caretaker's residence at shiva mandir. Thus, Gewog administration is running in short of Nu. 322,000 to settle the bills, once the work is completed. The work is expected to be complete by mid of February, 2015. M/s Sherab Construction has quoted the lowest bid in an open tender and thus the work was awarded to him. 

by Chador
Langchenphu gewog

Flood Protection Wall at Jangsa, gears for its completion

Construction of flood protection wall at Jangsachu, under Langchenphu gewog speed-up for it's final completion. The construction of flood protection wall is a major capital work prioritised for the financial year 2014-15, as it pose potential threat to the lives and properties of Jangsa community.

Jangsachu is a seasonal river and it swells up, especially in the peak monsoon season, forcing it's flooding water towards the community of lower Jangsa. And in the past, this river has eroded most fertile land and  intrude further into human dwellings. Viewing the potential threat of the encroaching river and to mitigate its risk, the construction of flood protection wall was prioritised for FY2014-15.

Once the work is completed, its going to bring relief for the community of lower Jangsa, whose houses and lands laying on the edges of the river. This work will also help in the conservation of our pristine environment by stopping further flooding and erosion land and forest. The work is expected to benefit about 13 households and Jangsa chiwog in general. 

M/s Lauri Construction was awarded the work through an open tender. within a time span of three months, the flood protection wall is gearing up for it's final completion. The work is expected to be completed in a week or two, before the set date line.  But people of Jangsa said, the risk still looms around, as major portion of the work is still left and will be carried forth in the FY 2015-16.


Talent of  Dumb Brothers

Lal Bdr Rai and Bal Bdr. Rai are from Nyzergang chiwog under Kikhorthang gewog in Tsirang Dzongkhag.
Lal Bdr. Rai is popularly known as Choti Rai and his younger brother Bal Bdr Rai is known as Joki in their village. 

By birth they were born as Dumb. They had never married but they are very supportive and giving morale support to each other. They had 3 siblings and the youngest one working as a civil servant.

The 2 Dumb brothers are very talented and hard working. They own 4 acres of land, where they have cultivated Paddy, Orchard, Maize and Millet. Their yearly income from Orchard only is Nu. 50,000.00. 

The elder brother said “they offer butter lamb every day praying for better life in next generation”.  Their neighbored said “the younger brother is more capable; he is the main person who does ploughing work in their village using traditional methods and makes a good income”.   When I asked him about his talent he said “he wants to use power tiller instead of traditional method for easier and faster work. He also weaves Baskets of different styles with bamboo and rope and also a good carpenter too.  

When I went for farm road survey with my gewog engineer, the younger brother had already done a survey using his intelligence and later the alignment came in the same boundary.  The village Tshogpa and his neighbored said “he was very happy to get a farm road in his village and was blissfully waiting for the upcoming farm road”. They have also seen him doing survey by keeping stones on the alignment several times.  Even during our visit both the brothers gave full support like other beneficiaries of the village.

I really appreciated them, although they were not able to speak but they are doing much better than normal people. I have visited their house and seen they are very particular at home and maintained a very clean surrounding. 

                           Kikhorthang Gewog


A happy joint family lives in Zomlingzor village in Tsirang Dzongkhag. A total of 12 family members stay together as a joint family. I have been staying at their house as a tenant for nearly two years and I have always seen them staying happy and contended. 


The head of the family is Krishna Maya. She has only one son named Ram Bdr. who is married to Chandrawati. They have two sons, who are studying in Damphu Lower Secondary School.

Krishna Maya’slate sister’s son Jit Bdr is married to Bishnu Maya. They have two sons both studying in Damphu Lower secondary school.  Bishnu Maya Kharka is elder sister of Chandrawati. Both Bishnu Maya Kharka and ChandrawatiBharariare from Changkha village under DaganaDzongkhag.

Krishna Maya said, “After Ram Bdr. married Chandrawati, Chandrawati’s younger sister Bishnu Maya was arranged with Jit Bhadur, who is Ram Bdr’s cousin brother. “Now, Bishnu Maya Kharka and Chandrawati’s two nieces (their brother’s daughters) are also studying in Damphu Lower Secondary school.

Jit Bdr. Kharka is serving as a chiwog Tshogpa and Ram Bdr. Is a local businessman. They own an orchard, where they earn around 200,000 every year.They earn around Nu. 3000 per month from livestock products, Nu. 20,000 from housing. They also own 1.50 acres of land.


What I have observed is that whatever money they earn they hand over to the head of family, and this tradition has been there since generations back. I was told that Krsihna Maya’s elder sister (whohas expired) was the head of the family then, all the earnings had to be handed over to her.
I have been living in their house for over a year and I have noticed a very special bond between each and every one of the family members. They are very helpful to each other and the children are very well mannered. They are a very typical family of the South and respect their age-old customs, traditions and social etiquette. Every year, they celebrate Dasiai with so much joy. All tenants get invited during such celebrations. I am glad I get to be a part of the exciting celebrations.
Although “a small family is a happy family”, I have noticed that this joint family of 12 people is the happiest I have seen so far.

Kikhorthang Gewog