Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Talent of  Dumb Brothers

Lal Bdr Rai and Bal Bdr. Rai are from Nyzergang chiwog under Kikhorthang gewog in Tsirang Dzongkhag.
Lal Bdr. Rai is popularly known as Choti Rai and his younger brother Bal Bdr Rai is known as Joki in their village. 

By birth they were born as Dumb. They had never married but they are very supportive and giving morale support to each other. They had 3 siblings and the youngest one working as a civil servant.

The 2 Dumb brothers are very talented and hard working. They own 4 acres of land, where they have cultivated Paddy, Orchard, Maize and Millet. Their yearly income from Orchard only is Nu. 50,000.00. 

The elder brother said “they offer butter lamb every day praying for better life in next generation”.  Their neighbored said “the younger brother is more capable; he is the main person who does ploughing work in their village using traditional methods and makes a good income”.   When I asked him about his talent he said “he wants to use power tiller instead of traditional method for easier and faster work. He also weaves Baskets of different styles with bamboo and rope and also a good carpenter too.  

When I went for farm road survey with my gewog engineer, the younger brother had already done a survey using his intelligence and later the alignment came in the same boundary.  The village Tshogpa and his neighbored said “he was very happy to get a farm road in his village and was blissfully waiting for the upcoming farm road”. They have also seen him doing survey by keeping stones on the alignment several times.  Even during our visit both the brothers gave full support like other beneficiaries of the village.

I really appreciated them, although they were not able to speak but they are doing much better than normal people. I have visited their house and seen they are very particular at home and maintained a very clean surrounding. 

                           Kikhorthang Gewog

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