Tuesday, 3 February 2015


A happy joint family lives in Zomlingzor village in Tsirang Dzongkhag. A total of 12 family members stay together as a joint family. I have been staying at their house as a tenant for nearly two years and I have always seen them staying happy and contended. 


The head of the family is Krishna Maya. She has only one son named Ram Bdr. who is married to Chandrawati. They have two sons, who are studying in Damphu Lower Secondary School.

Krishna Maya’slate sister’s son Jit Bdr is married to Bishnu Maya. They have two sons both studying in Damphu Lower secondary school.  Bishnu Maya Kharka is elder sister of Chandrawati. Both Bishnu Maya Kharka and ChandrawatiBharariare from Changkha village under DaganaDzongkhag.

Krishna Maya said, “After Ram Bdr. married Chandrawati, Chandrawati’s younger sister Bishnu Maya was arranged with Jit Bhadur, who is Ram Bdr’s cousin brother. “Now, Bishnu Maya Kharka and Chandrawati’s two nieces (their brother’s daughters) are also studying in Damphu Lower Secondary school.

Jit Bdr. Kharka is serving as a chiwog Tshogpa and Ram Bdr. Is a local businessman. They own an orchard, where they earn around 200,000 every year.They earn around Nu. 3000 per month from livestock products, Nu. 20,000 from housing. They also own 1.50 acres of land.


What I have observed is that whatever money they earn they hand over to the head of family, and this tradition has been there since generations back. I was told that Krsihna Maya’s elder sister (whohas expired) was the head of the family then, all the earnings had to be handed over to her.
I have been living in their house for over a year and I have noticed a very special bond between each and every one of the family members. They are very helpful to each other and the children are very well mannered. They are a very typical family of the South and respect their age-old customs, traditions and social etiquette. Every year, they celebrate Dasiai with so much joy. All tenants get invited during such celebrations. I am glad I get to be a part of the exciting celebrations.
Although “a small family is a happy family”, I have noticed that this joint family of 12 people is the happiest I have seen so far.

Kikhorthang Gewog

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