Monday, 19 December 2016

A Cleaning Campaign

For the very important national cleaning campaign conducted on 9th December, a nationwide campaign, Rangthangling Gewog officials with the shopkeepers of Rangthangling, Residents of Dharchargang and Neymedsa, Gewog Lam, BPC substation staffs, School teachers and the students carried out the cleaning campaign in five core different places.
For the first location it was from R/ling School till BPC Junction, second location it was from the BPC Junction till Gewog Office, third location was from Market shed Highway to Gewog Lhakhang premises, fourth location was from the Gewog office till the Dhajay Top and the fifth and the last location was from Gewog office till Hawadangra view point.
Apart of the wastes collected, the bushes and the grasses were also cleared particularly at the road sides. More than one DCM Truck load of wastes were collected at the end of the day and prior to the campaign day the Gewog also had a brief meeting with the concerned officials conveying the message of the Dzongkhag, the importance of such day, the way forward for such campaign or such activity to be carried out, the rotational basis for the dumping of wastes from collection center and others.
Now the premises looks very clean,' says Dil Bdr. Tamaang, a resident of Dharchargang.
The Gewog also earlier conducted such campaigns and even sensitized to the residents, house owners and shopkeepers for the need of proper disposal of wastes at waste collection center and the fines and penalties to be levied by Gewog and it was also as mandated in the Waste Management prevention Act. The Gewog is also to sensitize again for all the Chewogs of the Gewog.

By Lobzang Choda

  R/ling GAO