Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Flood Protection Wall at Jangsa, gears for its completion

Construction of flood protection wall at Jangsachu, under Langchenphu gewog speed-up for it's final completion. The construction of flood protection wall is a major capital work prioritised for the financial year 2014-15, as it pose potential threat to the lives and properties of Jangsa community.

Jangsachu is a seasonal river and it swells up, especially in the peak monsoon season, forcing it's flooding water towards the community of lower Jangsa. And in the past, this river has eroded most fertile land and  intrude further into human dwellings. Viewing the potential threat of the encroaching river and to mitigate its risk, the construction of flood protection wall was prioritised for FY2014-15.

Once the work is completed, its going to bring relief for the community of lower Jangsa, whose houses and lands laying on the edges of the river. This work will also help in the conservation of our pristine environment by stopping further flooding and erosion land and forest. The work is expected to benefit about 13 households and Jangsa chiwog in general. 

M/s Lauri Construction was awarded the work through an open tender. within a time span of three months, the flood protection wall is gearing up for it's final completion. The work is expected to be completed in a week or two, before the set date line.  But people of Jangsa said, the risk still looms around, as major portion of the work is still left and will be carried forth in the FY 2015-16.


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