Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Plastic Bottles-Green House

Mr. Tshering Penjor Sherpa, 28 years old from Neymedsa village is with a smile on his face today having completed his green house which took him little more than four months requiring 400 kgs of plastic bottles.
He says, “I have constructed firstly to save the environment by using the waste bottles which decrease the wastes being dumped, to control the import of poly house plastics, to increase the off season production of vegetables and lastly to motivate the school dropout youths in doing agriculture works using their skills and techniques”.
His green house of plastic bottles is also decorated with the black painting on the bamboos used as stands and the only door colored of green bottles. And not a single material like nail and thread can be seen used for this project.
The products like pen stands, flowers and baskets are also made from the pet bottles.

By Lobzang Choda

Rangthangling Gewog

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