Tuesday, 3 March 2015

                                       12 YEARS OlD DISABLE GIRL

Tika Devi Thapa, 12  is from Lower Salami, Tashiyangong Chiwog under Kikhorthang Gewog in Tsirang Dzongkhag.

Her father Bhakta Bdr. Thapa, 72  is from Nyzergang chiwog under Kikhorthang and her mother  Siva Maya Subba, 56 is from Tashiyangong chiwog under Kikhorthang Gewog. 

 Bhakta Bdr. Thapa and Siva Maya Subba are working as a caretaker for a land belonging to M/S Yarkey construction. Siva Maya Subba owns 96 Decimals of land and her  husband Bhakta Bdr. Thapa is a landless.

Tika Devi Thapa is suffering from  paralyzed and also having speech problem. Her parents said” she was a normal child till she was 18 months but after that she got sick and became paralyzed”.

Both parents said” as they grow old everything is becoming harder for the family”. She required full assistance all the times  and now her parents are concerned about her future. She is the only child to the parents.  

By Damcho 
Kikhorthang Gewog

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