Monday, 9 December 2013

A Final Endorsement of the Activities by GT members.

After the Consultative meeting with the people of the Gewog on the CDG, the GT members discussed and deliberated on the activities/programs listed on 6th November.

The Construction of meeting hall is identified at Nimazor school area having no government plot to construct. And it is also to be discussed with the Education office for the Construction at school area. The meeting hall is to have a multipurpose usage like the storage house, meeting hall, a provision for the ORC and also can be used by the school.

The maintenance of old Meeting hall/ORC at Rangthangling is to be done with the proper construction of the side walls with windows and door.

The members found not much need of a kitchen for the ORC at Sunkosh as the wiring and the toilet was in line to the planned activity of the fiscal year 2013-2014.
Instead a budget of Nu.20,000 was to be allocated for the farmers Group at Sunkosh, (an income generating Group) for the newly formed Farmers Group as their Transportation charge.

The Budget of 12 lakhs was to be used for the CPS farm Road at Dhajay as an additional budget and if the proposed amount from the project got approved then the Budget from the GDG is to be diverted for the activities like SLMP training, seeds and seedling of the Farmers, and others.

The GDG is also to be used for the kitchen construction at Neymedsa Lhakhang and the Tshogpa is to see whether there is an availability of the Government plot for this Construction.

By Lobzang Choda
Rangthangling, Tsirang

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  1. Lobzang, Keep up with this writing. A great example of how to create transparency at the geog level. Would be good to add how many people attended the meeting, and to post a copy of the minutes on your Geog website ( when it's up).