Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A Helping Hand

They all are the students of Mendrelgang high school, Tsirang all in the age Group of 16 to 18 years and are on a winter vacation. Some presently working for the ongoing widening of the Rakshaydangra-Chaunetai PTT at Rangthangling as labors which is carried out departmentally by the residents of this chewog or the RUG (Road User Group) of this community and earning Nu.5000 a month and Nu.165 per day and some presently fetching the oranges which is 2 hours walk from the Zulphaygaon Village to the Road point or the Orange Depot near Rangthangling NFE Center earning Nu.200 and Nu.300 per day.
A helping hand for their parents, earning income & a pride with a great sense of dignity of labor. 

By Lobzang Choda
GAO,Rangthangling Gewog, Tsirang Dzongkhag


  1. These are the youth who deserve to be featured in the press. Thanks for the pics, may we suggest you post them on our BCMD FB page or the media nomads FB page to inspire other youth? Details on what they earn, how old they are, how many of them etc will add depth to this picture story. Thanks Lobzang

  2. Madam, I had mentioned their earnings and the age group also la