Wednesday, 22 January 2014

ECCD, molding future citizens of Tashithang Chiwog

What develops a community solely lies in the hand of people of that particular community. A TINY proposal from the public with the little help from the gewog administration for the establishment of Early Childhood Care and Development Centre (ECCD) was proposed to the Dzongkhag education Sector. Right away it was approved and the establishment of the ECCD is on the full swing. 

ECCD, the title itself depicts the care and development of the future citizens and people of Tashithang chiwog (a place where it is being established) is fully supporting the establishment of such programme as they believe the importance of the education. 

Moreover they are happy because they don’t have to babysit their child at home. They feel that it’s going to give more time to work in the field for them. 

The Dzongkhag Education Sector has provided budget for the procurement of materials such as CGI sheet, wiring materials and other important things required for the smooth run of the centre. All the labor works are done by the public of that chiwog for free.

figure showing the ECCD under progress

The work is still are under progress and the people of  Tashithang chiwog are eagerly waiting to enroll their children in the centre

Tashi Dema
Sergithang, Tsirang

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