Thursday, 7 August 2014

How monitoring of developmental activities are done in gewog

Ø  The monitoring committee in the gewog comprises of Gewog Administrative officer, Respective extension officers, Gewog Accountant, concern Tshogpa and site engineer. When we go for monitoring we inspect the quality of work, progress of work, availability of raw materials at site and the no. of laborers at work place.

Ø  After monitoring we submit the report to Gup and in case if work is not of quality or delay in progress, we inform the Dzongkhag Monitoring committee and contractor immediately.

Ø  We also instruct the concern Tshogpa to do the monitoring of activities, which falls within their jurisdiction. But sometimes it is very difficult for them to find out the defects in work or whether the activities are going as per the approve drawing, due to lack of technical knowledge.

Ø  Rural Water Supply Scheme and Irrigation manual work were done by the public with technical support from Dzongkhag, but at the time of implementing the work public come across a shortage of masons, which leads to delay in completion of work and also hampers the quality. As one technician have to look after many gewog.

Ø  The system of doing Monitoring also differs from Dzongkhag to Dzongkhag. In some Dzongkhag they develop a standard monitoring format and it is used by all the gewogs. Whenever, the Dzongkhag monitoring committees come for monitoring they inform the gewog administration in advance and one representative from the gewog were involved in monitoring.

By Damcho, Kilkhorthang Gewog, Tsirang.

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