Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Profile of Kilkhorthang Gewog

Kilkhorthang is the most developed and commercial gewog in Tsirang Dzongkhag. The gewog is located in the heart of Tsirang Dzongkhag with an area of and has altitude, which ranges from 900 to 1600 meters above the sea level with hot summers and cold winters. The gewog consists of five chiwog Dekiling, Sathsangma, Tashiyangong, Nyzergang andMenchuna. It has a total 479 Households including Non Registered (NR) with population of 3194 Consisting of 1582 Male and 1612 female. The forest coverage of the gewog is 60% of the land area. The gewog has seven Gewog Tshogde members consisting of five Tshogpas, Gup and Mangmi with five polling stations.

The Dzongkhag Administration headquarters, Dratshang, the Damphu General Hospital and Damphu Town, the commercial center of the Dzongkhag, are all located in the gewog.

In terms of development facilities, there is one Out Reach Clinics at Nyzergang Chiwog, two community schools at Nyzergang and Tashiyangong, one community center, Multipurpose Hall. All the villages are connected with electricity and telecommunication facilities. The Wangdue Sarpang Highway together with Salami to Dunglagang feeder road provides access to most of the villages. Almost all the Households’ benefits from having access to pipe water facility, the gewog has one poultry cooperatives, one Gonor Thuenkey Detshen, community forest Group and five vegetables group in five chiwogs. The gewog has 25 irrigation channels with the length of 49.48 kms. In terms of Religion and Culture the gewog has one lhakhang in Satshangma chiwog and Chukhor at Nyzergang Chiwog.

Agricultural land use is dominated by wetland and dry land cultivation. The principal crops grown are paddy and maize. Mandarin dominates other cash crops as the main source of cash income for the farmers. The gewog is one of the highest mandarin growers in the Dzongkhag.

By Damcho
Kilkhorthang Gewog, Tsirang

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