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Complete story of Jankari Irrigation channel maintenance in Dekiling Chiwog, Kilkhorthang Gewog, Tsirang.
The public of upper Bockrey were in need of irrigation channel maintenance as most of public depends on wet land. 

Fig.1.1                                                                               fig. 1.2
Figure 1.1 and 1.2 were taken during the site survey of the irrigation channel in the very beginning of project.  At the time of survey we conducted a small meeting involving the beneficiaries and explained what the public have to contribute in terms of laborers and the support they will be getting from the Government (materials and guidance), with the consensus of all the beneficiaries, we have appointed a site supervisor and made an undertaking letter with the public mentioning the terms and conditions to complete the project on time.

Fig 2
Fig. 2 the gewog monitoring committees went to monitor the project and we found   large number of beneficiaries were busy engaged in carrying out the work. They have also collected huge amount of local materials like sand and stones at site.  The public were busy constructing a wall in the place where there are small landslides; they have also done with HDPE Pipe setting up work.  It was good to see that different age group was engaged in work and elder people giving advice to the younger ones. We have also seen some students helping their parents during their summer break in carrying out the work.

Fig 3.

Fig 3. Now the Jankari Irrigation work was completed with a budget of Nu. 0.25 Million in the Fiscal year 2013-2014. The length of the project was of 2 kilometers, benefitting 30 households with an area 45 acres of wet land to the public of upper Bockrey, in Dekiling Chiwog under Kilkhorthang Gewog, Tsirang. 

Fig 4
 With the maintenance of Jankari irrigation channel the public of Bockrey has benefitted a lot, we can see it from the paddy filed pictures given on fig.4. The public of Bockrey village were indeed very happy for the irrigation facilities and they were very thankful for the Government.

MS. Damcho
Kilkhorthang Gewog


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