Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Rehabilitation of Suspension Bridges

Rehabilitation of Suspension Bridges

The Rehabilitation of the two suspension bridges namely Ratey Khola and Chaunetay khola were started from 20th April and is to be completed before 10th June, 2015.
It was awarded to the community contractor, Mr. Tshetrim Zangpo as a chairman of the Community group with the negotiated amount of Nu.2,91,997.00 (Two lakhs ninty one thousand nine hundred and ninty seven) and the Gewog awarded to the community contractor firstly  keeping in note of the limited time period which has to be completed before the end of this fiscal year, secondly the estimated amount and the approved budget being less than the fifteen lakhs and is in line to the Community Contracting protocol and lastly the quality of the works seemed more better when its being executed by the community Contractors. The rehabilitation of the suspension bridges is a planned activity for the year 2014 -2015 with the RGOB (Royal Government of Bhutan) funding.
The two suspension bridges will benefit Rangthangling and Nimazor chewogs of Rangthangling Gewog with 45(forty five) households of Nimazor and 70(seventy) households of Rangthangling Gewog. It will also benefit the school going children of Nimazor village to Mendrelgang School from the construction of these suspension bridges.
“I will not worry for our children could safely reach to Mendrelgang School with the completion of Suspension bridges.” says Mr. Gyan Bdr. Burathoki, a resident of Nimazor village.

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