Saturday, 28 September 2013

103 years old woman still going strong

Mrs. Sobeni Sherpani, a 103 years old woman of Gangzur village under Tshendagang Gewog, Dagana dzongkhag was born in 1910 during the reign of first king Ugyen wangchuck.
Although she has lived more than a century, she is strong and healthy. She carries 10 kg of rice from nearby shops, collects firewood, cooks food and carries daily household chores. She even attends all the local festivals and seldom attends marriage ceremony in the village.
She has given her land and properties to her children. Currently she lives in a small hut  she built on her own expenses in her son's land She sustains her daily livelihood from the income she has saved during her  young age. She saved money from the income generated by rearing cattle during young age. She was very strong and hardworking woman in the village.
She says that at present she has almost finished her saved income. Although she has three sons and one daughter  but she says they don’t look after her. She earns around Nu 100-150 per month  by selling  local alcohol.  The Gewog administration made a detailed profile of her status and has submitted petition to the His Majesty’s for Kidu. The Gewog administration gave her eco stove which requires less firewood.

This is just a brief story and couldn’t write well due to time constraints.  If any one is interested about this story we will provide details.

Group members
1.     phuntsho Gyeltshen GAO, Tsendagang Gewog, Dagana
2.     Dorji Gyeltshen, Maedtsho, Luntse
3.     Sangay Lhamo, Mendrelgang Tsirang
4.     Tashi Dorji, Langthel, Trongsa

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