Tuesday, 24 September 2013

3rd Media Sensitisation Workshop for Gewog Administrative Officers

24th Sept,2013: The means of communication are multiplying, transforming the ways individuals, organisations and governments can relate and share information and knowledge. But this revolution has not touched the lives of the very poorest groups. The information and communication revolution needs to be deeper, more open and inclusive.
Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy , in collaboration with the Department of Local Government, will conduct the third media sensitization workshop for 96 GAOs to pave the way for an informed and participatory society in Bhutan. The workshop will be conducted for 3 groups of GAOs.
The dates for the groups are as follows:
  • Group 1 from 26th- 28th Sept, 2013 ( GAOs from Dagana, Lhuentse, Bumthang, Trongsa,Tsirang) 
  • Group 2 from 3rd-5th Oct, 2013
  • Group 3 from 21st - 23rd Oct, 2013

            Aims and Objectives of the workshop are:
·         Discuss the benefits of an open society. And how GAOs, being posted in the gewogs, can contribute to creating greater transparency in gewog development and activities.
·         Learn the basics of reporting and writing, and how to update the Geowg webpage.
·         Learn the basics of how to handle the press
·         Understand how to judge the reliability of sources and spot bias and self interest stories.

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