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His Majesty’s visit to Tsenkhar Geog Lhuentse.

Summary :-

His Majesty’s visit to Tsenkhar Geog is historic because kidu, which is an important prerogative of the king, started first from Tsenkhar geog. After His Majesty’s coronation it was his first and very important task for the people of Bhuta, It was 11th March 2009, 15th day of first month in the Bhutanese calendar when our Fifth beloved King Jigme Khesar Namgay Wangchuck accompanied by His Royal Highness Dasho Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck ,Her Royal Highness Ashi Dechen Yangzon Wangchuck and other high ranking official visited Tsenkhar Geog.

The main purpose for the His Majesty’s visit was to grant land kidu to the landless people and grant kidu to the excess land holders. Excess land holder here means the people who are not able to pay the land taxes for their excess land. Such land were almost taken back by the government, His Majesty wrote off all the taxes and granted land kidu to individual lakthram.

People of five chiwogs under Tsenkhar Geog began the preparations10 days earlier with support from the Dzongkhag Administration. The people were not only lucky to receive the land kidu but they were also fortunate to get audience from His Majesty. Apart from the land kidu, the people also received different kinds of gift from His Majesty that included coronation coins, blankets, walking sticks, badges, portraits, wrist bands etc.

The day started in a traditional way with a marching ceremony. His Majesty expressed his happiness and gratitude to the people of Tsenkhar geog.  HM stated that he always wished to meet his people and look after the well-being of each and every individual of the country and today he felt that his wishes are coming true.

The day concluded with Tsogchangs which was offered to HM and cultural dances which were joined by HM. The next day 12th March 2009 was a beautiful day. His Majesty started his journey towards Bangtsho and Umling Village where HM interacted with peoples and  visited many households and also a very important site “Bangtsho Gyalpoi Phodrang”. Bangtsho Gyalpoi Phodrang is an underground palace which was constructed in 8th century by king called “khe-kha-Rathoe”.  After the visit to Bangtsho Gyalpoi Phodrang HM started visiting each and every household of Umling village where he personally met with the people viewed their Lakthram, excess land area and gifted gift in terms of cash and other items. After the visit to umling HM proceeded towards Wambur where the people welcome their king with bangchung full with red rice, local eggs, traditional incense, flowers, local made wine(ara), bangchang( local Beer), in return His Majesty shared his happiness, gratitude towards the people and gifted many gifts like wrist band, badges, coins, walking sticks for the elderly and cash for tshogchang.

Before the preparation a public meeting was held at geog centre where the people of Tsenkhar geog were briefed on DO’s and DON’T’s during the visit of HM to our geog, it was discussed with the people regarding the preparation (chadi) for HM’s visit. The chadi preparation for HM’s visit started 10 days earlier; the chadi preparation was jointly done by Dzongkhag Administration and Geog administration. A well experienced sector head was deployed in Tsaenkhar gewog. During the 10 days preparation each Tsokpa’s were actively involved with their community too. Each tsokpa’s were given particular task.

Wambur chiwog was given the task of weaving the bamboo mat which was later used to cover the meeting area. Umling chiwog was given the task of bringing the required poll to the meeting area. Domkhar chiwog was given the task of constructing the stone step towards the meeting ground. Besides all chabi and Tsenkhar chiwog was given the task of making up and trimming of the meeting ground.

The Royal kitchen, guest kitchen and public kitchen was made at the back side of the meeting ground.


The HM’s visit was confirmed coinciding with an auspicious day in the Bhutanese calendar (15th day of the first month). The people of the Tsenkhar geog were so eagere and excited to welcome and meet their king, that’s why most of the people who came from far spent the night at domkhar and some came early in the morning. All the people were groomed in their best clothing and they entered the meeting ground at around 7 am in the morning.

The dung, jaling and rem started its tune which was travelled to all the corners of domkhar tshowog, the people were informed that their king will be arriving in a short while. All faces were eagerly turned towards the welcome gate waiting for their king, and
at 9 am His Majesty arrives. HM was welcome in a traditional way by the Officials and monk body of lhuentse dzongkhag. HM first visited Phendeling Dratshang where HM offered butter lamp and prayer.

The moment HM proceeded towards the meeting hall a group of cow from nowhere came just above the phendeling dratshang and made a unique sound which continued for three times. Everybody in the meeting hall started murmuring that it’s a very good sign. The people of Tsenkhar geog rejoiced with the good sign.

His Majesty’s Speech Regarding His Visit.
Speaking to the people, His Majesty expressed his happiness and gratitude to the people of Tsenkhar geog.

Secondly HM stated that the purpose of his visit to lhuentse dzongkhag is for land, HM explained the people about problems arising in the country due to land. Some of the problems HM pointed out were 1.Dispute on land 2. Transfer of ownership of land 3. Penalty on excess land fragmentation etc. keeping in mind the aforementioned problems HM directed the land commission to re-survey the private, government and institutions land of the entire country to solve the arising problems.

HM also stated that land is a special factor which plays a vital role in the livelihood of every individual in the country, but he has also noted that people are keeping most of the land vacant because they are afraid regarding the penalty they have to pay to the government for excess land. His Majesty said: “ The main purpose for my visit to lhuentse dzongkhag is to grant this penalty to you all as kidu from my side, but your responsibility after this kidu is that you should not keep this excess land vacant, instead you should make the best out of it”.

“ Land is a “NORBU RINPOCHE” (relic) so make the best out of it”. His Majesty added that “today I am really happy to meet you all” hope to see you all in near future again, TASHI DELEK to you all from my side.

GIFT’s For The People

The people of Tsenkhar geog were not only lucky enough to meet HM and receive land kidu but they were also lucky enough to receive many gift items in terms of wrist band, badges, coronation coins, walking stick to olds and cash for Tshogchang.

The students from three community school also came to meet their king, they welcomed their king with many dance program’s and in return HM gifted the students with various gift like coronation coin, geometry boxes, pen, pencil etc. the old age people received gho, kira, cash and walking stick.

Dancers who came with tshogchangs were gifted one kira individually and a cash of Nu.500. Besides all this His Majesty granted kidu to the people who are really in need of it. His Majesty granted kidu to the people who were identified by the geog kidu co-ordinator. All together there are 15 HM’s kidu recipients from Tsenkhar geog. The categories of kidu recipients are one landless, four destitute and ten needy students from tsenkhar geog. These kidu recipients got special audience from His Majesty.

On the way to lhuentse HM visited the age old “BANGTSHO GYALPOI PHODRANG” which was constructed in 8th century by a king with a dog’s mouth and goat’s forehead. During this visit HM went to individual houses and gifted people with items like gho, kira, chems, cash, blankets etc.


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