Saturday, 28 September 2013

Posting in new Gewog

           Excited to get posted in  the new gewog I reached before the given time. At first glance i noticed no smile to their new GAO from his own people. So i said " oh! the public are tribal type". I never cared the remoteness of my gewog though i have to walk with a torch in left hand, a dagger in my right hand and my mouth reciting "om nami padmi hung". This is just to repot to my boss to say"yes sir, i am present on time".
            Now back in the gewog i m living in the open air without housing facilities ,so i realised i missed my previous gewog the charm i had. The next day i faced people in a meeting for important discussion but they started to form different groups. I wondered, because i never ask them to form groups. However i started to get different opinions from different groups which i expected to have single  opinion to submit to my superior. In a office i sat down and an old man came in with a loud noise full of slang words, which remembered " where is the gup?". I came to know he is the retired civil servant who is always against gewog officials. This is how i m going to face these challenges over my tenure serving in the new gewog.

          I knew I was not alone to face these hardship because i got a call from my colleague Miss Pema, of Gaserling Gewog, Dagana  saying" my car's wheel got punctured". I asked "how it happened?" she screamed "it is because of bad road condition". The bad road is one of the few problems faced by GAOs.

After being appointed as a GAO in such a remote place, finding a house to settle is another hardship. Miss Pema shares her experience on housing problems. Being a female, posted in the remote area, the claimed that the Gesarling being the remotest and isolated area, she could still not find a proper place to live. Currently she resides in her Gewog office.

Though GAOs face hardship travelling, living and working in these remote areas, there are some few lucky GAOs who did not face such hardship like Mr . Sonam of Tang Gewog, Bumthang and Jigme of Nubi Gewog, Trongsa Dzongkhag. Sonam shares his experience "i did not face any problem as the Tang Gewog is bit more developed as compared to other Gewogs".

To name few other disadvantages for being appointed in remote area are, internet connection, no roads, an electricity, etc.

Though faced with such hardships, we GAOs are always positive and are happy, after all we are happy helping and serving country. We hope things will get better soon.

Submitted by:

Mr. sangay Dorji                          
GAO, Gosarling, Tsirang
Sonam Chogay, Meadtabkha, Chukha
Pema Dema, Gersaling, Dagana
Ugyen Phuntsho, Khorphu, Trongsa
Jigme Wangmo, Goshi Gewog, Dagana
Jigme Dorji, Nubi, Trongsa

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