Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Gewog Administrative Officers treated as "Otherness"

In 2008 when Gewog Administrative were recruited in 83 Gewogs, many of my friends has to go through  lots of hardships, placement, environment etc those who were posted in remote area; on top of that we didn't have any ToR as a Gewog Administrative Officer.

Some who have never been to remote place or ever experience rural life has to face lots of challenges to adapt the new rural environment. some GAOs friends have to stay in office without office furnitures for 2 years, some has experience treating them as "alien"/ "otherness" by village public including Gup,Mangmis,Gaydungs, Government and Cooperation/Organisations . 

After serving as Gewog Administrative Officer for five years and going through all challenges we are all proud to serve as GAOs, now we know the value of serving our people in grassroots level. we GAOs would like to advice our youths if you really want to make difference or contribute to our country you all should start your career from grass root level that Gewogs.

Meto Pema
Sarpang Dzongkhag

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