Saturday, 5 October 2013

My initial visit to the most astounding place “Hokkaido”

“We are fulfilled, for the opportunity to meet and associate with beautiful people with beautiful mindset of Hokkaido, enjoyed a rich journey of beautiful experiences “
 The support and guidance while our stay in Hokkaido from the Government of Japan and the Japanese people will always be cherished. We were extremely touched and inspired to see our young king and queen being highly respected and admired by the people of Japan. We would like to offer our deepest gratitude and thank JICA for giving us a wonderful experiences and an opportunity to learn and also to meet and associate with many beautiful people with beautiful mind set. The people of Japan are very polite, the food is tasty and I should note that the city is a safe place. It was in fact a very fruitful stay in Hokkaido for eleven of us and we were thrilled to get there to attend the training program on young leadership for a period of 18days. It certainly was a great trip I will never forget.
I in a way i feel that such training course is very important, especially to someone who is working in the grass root level, who have direct link with the innocent people who are not really aware of such development activities taking place in the other side of the world. The very thing that stuck on my mind when I saw the people of Hokkaido and the rich nature was the behavior of the Japanese people. They were very polite, punctual and very helpful. One of my friends lost his expensive mobile phone in the Taxi we were travelling and lost hope to get back. But the Taxi driver on knowing the mobile phone was left in his taxi came to him and gave back the mobile phone. I was also so much captivated to see that the usage of man labor was very less, the traffic rules, how elderly people work together on bases of voluntarism, the system of Local Governance in Hokkaido and the waste management system. Indeed I was waiting to get back to share whatever I saw that was amazing to the people I work with, specially the public to inspire and encourage them to work harder.
Every lecture and site visit were  very useful  for us and  we have learned many new ideas on bringing in more development in any field in order to deliver effective and efficient services and also creation of a better and conducive working environment in our working place.

Thus, whatever I have learned, I am hoping I could share with everyone I know, and the most important to the people I work with, the innocent people in the Gewog and I hope I bring inspiration and spread the knowledge I have learnt during my training course in Japan.

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