Monday, 4 November 2013

A savior of Sergithang Gewog

Whenever it’s time to get his allowance that is, after every three months, his face lit up. Ninety years old, Nar Dhoj Rai, probably the oldest man in the sergithang gewog is a Gyalpo tozay recipient. He has been receiving the allowance since 2007 and receives eight hundred per month.

in front of his house
Currently he lives with his wife and owes few chickens. He always complains about his eye sight and the leg pain BUT he continues to work in field and lead a happy life.

with his dear wife
Indeed the allowance is blessing in disguise for such disadvantage people. The kudos goes to our KING for being FAR-SIGHTED and for bringing such kind of allowance in the system. 

Tashi Dema


  1. Nice story Tashi. It would be great if people in that gewog can help them build at least a stable house for the old couple :)

    1. since they dont have land of their own, its difficult to give them the permenant structure.... thank u for the comments

  2. Tashi,

    Thanks for highlighting the lives of people in rural Bhutan, adding to our understanding of why we need to do more to take care of the members of the larger community. Please keep posting your stories so we can learn more about Sergithang.