Friday, 24 January 2014

Hidden talent of village women

                       Hidden talent of village women

My house owner  Mrs. Jit Bdr of Zamlingzor village under Tsirang Dzongkhag is making a  plate out of local materials  for her Niece's wedding celebration, during her leisure time, Which is Eco-friendly and economical. She went to collect all the local materials by her self and  was fully involved. She was really excited to attend the wedding party which is going take place very soon, She was fully involved  for the celebration preparation.

I saw her busy involved in making plates and cups out of green leaves , i was really impressed to see her talent. So, i spend around 1 hour witnessing her talent and chatting to her. She said she was involved in all this work since from her childhood days. She even helped her neighbors and youth in sharing her own talent. So, the practice of making the leaf plates will flourish from generation to Generations.

After spending time with her and seeing her talent i told her why don't you all form a women association group and transform your talent into business. Which will enhance the livelihood of the people and at the same time empower the women's group. 

so, i am thinking of forming the women's group in the village with their consensus and if possible i want to help them to do  their business. Published by GAO Damcho(kilkhorthang Gewog, Tsirang)Tshering GAO (Geling,chukha) sonam Rinchen, GAO(punakha)and group.

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