Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Citizen Service Chart

Objectives: Every Institute, agencies, organizations, NGOs, private organisation, etc, are seeking innovative modes and manners to improve delivery of public services. And every citizen has right to expect high quality services.
Samtse Dzongkhag is also committed to overhaul the system to provide high quality services to citizens. In order to improve the quality of services the service providers have to stick on the service delivery principles enunciated in the service delivery policy. Behavioral patterns or the service providers tremendously influence the quality of services rendered to the citizens. This is the core principle of service delivery which calls for recognition of a new relationship between providers and recipients of the public service. Therefore, development of Citizen Service Chart is to empower the customers on various services and to improve the services delivery.
Background: Our leaders, Policy Developers and Planners had developed the Service Oriented Manual Guidelines/Service Delivery Standard. All the guidelines listing the functions/services of an agency, the procedures required to comply along with submission of forms & documents, indication of time taken to provide the services and contact details of a focal person/officials/staff delivering the services were circulated to all the relevant agencies and institutes. However, the information had not yet reached to majority of our customers. Moreover, Service Delivery Standard has the institution and indication of a redressal mechanism accountable to service receivers in case the services are not delivered within the standard time indicated.
Citizen Report Card (CRC) team of Samtse is intended to speed up service deliveries by public agencies, improve transparency & accountability, build trust & confidence and minimize public grievance. To achieve the above services, team consisting of Dasho Dzongrab, Planning Officer and two GAOs had conducted the sensitization programme to all the relevant sectors heads regarding the importance of Citizen Report Card and Citizen Service Chart to further improve our services. CRC team would be accountable not only to the Dzongkhag but also to citizen. Our main focus was to develop the Citizen Service Chart in the form of booklet and CRC team is responsible for compilation, educating and creating the awareness so that information is reach to all service recipients. The Citizen Service Charts' information must reach through Gewog Office, RNR, Education and NFE centre.
Scope: Most of the rural people are not aware of services available to them and left out from the services. They hardly avail the services due to ignorance and even they avail, the take longer time since they have no information how to avail the services, necessary procedures are not informed by the service provider. For example, to avail new born child birth registration they are not aware of necessary documents to be attached. CRC team is intended to address those issues and make it aware the services available and procedures to avail the services. By doing the task, there will be better service delivery and cut down the hidden cost.
CRC team were trained by the Indian Consultant firm who are working with government and public to address the issues. The training were supported by ACC, DLG, Helvatas and Dept. of Information and it was given first time to Bhutanese people. It was conducted at Gewog Centre, Samtse Gewog. 
Group Photo during training period
ACC Chairperson, Dasho Neten Zangmo was also participant.

Shared by: Pema Tenzin, GAO, Samtse Gewog

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