Wednesday, 13 August 2014

5th Gewog Tshogdu

                                                GT (Gewog Tshogdu)

On 12th August, 2014 the Gewog Tshogdu (GT)-the highest decision body in the Gewog was held at Gewog meeting hall chaired by Gewog Gup or the Thrizen of the GT.
It compromised of all the Tshogpas of five chewogs, Mangmi (Deputy Chairman), Gup as Chairman and all the staffs/civil servants under the Gewog Administration and the Gewog Lam which were present.
It began with the briefing of the past year’s achievement of the activities and the activities for the coming year 2014-2015 were also shared with the progress report of this year’s fiscal year 2014-2015.
The need of farm roads were also raised of which it was decided that it has to be in line with guidelines of Farm Road and to do the pre survey or assessment if it full fills the criteria in the GDG guidelines by departmentally or if there is a funding from others. The need of the maintenance of Irrigation channels and source protections were also in the planned activity and some to see whether there is a need for it or not. The suspension bridge was also in the planned activity for this fiscal year. About the wild animals destroying the crops and the need of electric fencing, a committee was to be formed to see and assess the crops damaged and the wild life conflict was not only at Gewog but a nation’s problem.
A few Gungtongs at Sunkosh were to convey by Tshogpa for their need to contribute equally if availed the schemes/resources benefitting the community. The need of ECCD by the Gewog primary school was also found to be benefitting for all the residents.
The additional work of a  retaining wall and the small play ground for the school were also to be put up to Dasho Dzongda formally in writing.
The Budget of one lakh has been kept for annual plan and later to be re-appropriated for the site development or to be incorporated in the coming year.
The partial and untimely services provided for the AI crates by officials were to be verbally discussed with the concerned sector head. The need of a permanent staff of the Gewog Livestock Extension supervisor was to be put up to the DT (Dzongkhag Tshogdu).
The amounts which is to repay in installments for the Bio gas and the lump sum amount for Diary sheds were also to be given for the interested farmers only.
The need of Rangthangling meeting hall’s toilet was to be discussed with the District Heath officer or to see other source for budget and the electricity bills to be paid by Gewog office. The Donations collected by the Gewog was also as per the people’s wish to have the events like the School opening and the Farm road opening. For some events like the Nga gay Dendur, Gewog annual Rimdro it was also not a mandatory for all to donate rather it was as per their wish to contribute the amounts they can.
If need for TV cables for the Rangthangling Village then they were to bring the name list of those households and to submit it to Cable for the installation of TV cable lines.
It concluded with the vote of thanks by Gewog Tshodrung and followed with the prayers.

By Lobzang Choda
Rangthangling Gewog Adm. Officer

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