Thursday, 7 August 2014

Women's participation in Zomdu

Women's participation in Zomdu

As compare to my initial appointment in the year 2007, now I have seen more improvement in women participating in Zomdu, Gewog Renewal Natural Resources Training or even in carrying out the developmental activities like Rural Water Supply Schemes and Irrigation Channel Work.

Earlier, men were the one who always take part be it in Zomdu, training or any other activities and women they stay at home doing house whole work. Even when some of the women they come for meeting or training they were very introverted. Now, at this juncture women in the rural village are also doing well and some are even doing much better than men and the main reason I see behind is because of Non- Formal Education (NFE), where most of the learners were women.

I being the women at the Block level and a volunteers of Respect Educate Nurture and Empower Women (RENEW), whenever I get an opportunity to meet with the women in  chiwog or even during the women  programmers I encourage women to come forward by taking part in all the meeting in order to have better understanding above the country plans and policies.

By Damcho, Kilkhorthang Gewog, Tsirang.

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