Friday, 21 November 2014

story from barp gewog

                                                          Genuine Kidu Recepient

 70 years Ap Rinchen from Jalu village under Barp gewog , Punakha Dzongkhagis kidu recipient from His majesty the 5th King. He is visually impaired. He has burn scars all over his body and has only  one hand.
Eight years ago, he got burnt along with the hut when he was sleeping in, near the centenary farmers’ market in Thimphu. He had no one around to shout help him. The four boys pulled him out of the hut next morning with 50 percent burns. He was admitted to Thimphu hospital.
Ap Rinchen said his fourth wife died when he was 60 years. He never married again nor has children from any of his wives. After his fourth wife’s death, he was been alone without relatives. He stays at others place and the shopkeepers from Lobesa help him for his fooding and lodging. For more than months he was admitted at Punakha hospital for the eye treatment.
Five years after the fire incident, he was brought to Thimphu Hospital for a cornea transplant. The transplant was able to see again. After the treatment from Thimphu hospital he came back to Lobesa, he started drinking and slowly he lost his vision again. He again went to Thimphu for the check up and come to know that the cornea transplanted in his eyes was an artificial cornea which is made of plastic and needs much care to it.
Presently he is at Thimphu Hospital, since he has no place to stay and no one to look after him. Doctor said Ap Rinchen to stay in the hospital. He will remain at the hospital until another artificial cornea is arranged for him, “the Doctor said.”

                                                                                                                                                                         Kelzang Dema

                                                                                                                                                                         Barp GAO.

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