Friday, 21 November 2014

A man who work selflessly


Mr Dechen Wangdi was a monk for 10 years at Yonglagoenpa dratshang under Pemagatshel. Thereafter he worked in PWD and in FCB as a clerk.

He returned to his village to contribute thinking that he could do something for his village and joined as a Tshogpa.


 In 2011, due to his old age, he decided not to stand for the post of Tshogpa and he also wanted to spent some quality time with them.  Since there was no one to stand for the post, he had to be re-elected again to serve as a Tshogpa. When there was no one who is willing and to serve as a Tshogpa in his vicinity, the community encouraged him and reelected him for the next tenure.


During his tenure as a Tshogpa he came across different challenges and experiences. He finds present generation to be  far better than the past. Earlier there were no electricity, road connectivity, call network and other developmental activities. To reach Pemagatshel, he had to travel for one day through mule track carrying lunch pack. He had to go door to door to inform villages for the zomdue. But now the situation has changed with better facilities, making him happy and blessed. He said “I am relieved, if I have to call public for zomdu I use my mobile and give information within few second.”


He finds it difficult to do his daily household chores since he deosn’t stay with his wife and his daughter. His wife has no option other than to stay with their daughter as the daughter works in one of the company. Sometime during official visit in the chiwog, Mr Dechen prepares everything by himself without support from anyone. He brews a local wine (ara and bangchang) to serve during guest visit to his house.  He is craving to stay with his only daughter and with his wife, reciting prayers and doing meditation but on other hand Mr Dechen wants to dedicate his life to the duty.


He compromises his family time for the well being of his community and Gewog.



Namgay Wangmo

GAO, Yurung


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