Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Tough being in Private Sector employee

Sonam Phuntsho(name changed),28, is a private employee.He has been working in a private firm for last eight years.All the while,he has not been getting his salary on time.He has not been received his pay for the last two months.

"working in private organization is very tough,"he said.With the increase in price on the grocery items and others in the market and meagre salary he gets,it has become very hard on him to meet the daily needs at home.

"i took a loan of Nu. 3,00,000 from Bhutan Development Bank to meet daily needs at home," he said. Although it sounds hilarious ,he has no choice because unemployment has become a pressing issue in Bhutan.

He remains positive about the situation and he is very hopeful that the situation will improve soon.But he`s considering working for another organisation if he gets a more secure job.

Karma Tenzin

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