Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Serjim - Yarjeywoong Farmroad Construction Begins

Serjim to Yarjeywoong farm road will be constructed from Gewog Development Grant. The road will be about 0.75 km long. It will pass through both private and government lands.

Yarjeywoong is one of the chiwogs under Choekhorling gewog. It is the second least populated chiwog with 14 households.
Tenders have been opened at 2pm on 14th November 2014. “The tenders are being evaluated and the work will begin soon. The work includes road formation cuttings and construction of side and cross drains. Maintenance of permanent structures like retaining walls will also be done.” said the assistant engineer of the drungkhag, Cheje Wangdi.

“The road will benefit the people of Yarjeywoong and hence the farming works will be improved too” said the gup of Choekhorling gewog, Tshelthrim Dorji.

Compiled by:
Yeshey Wangmo
GAO, Choekhorling

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