Thursday, 27 November 2014

A landslide on 13th November in Zulphaygaon village had eroded the thick vegetation and had caused the blockage of a small river. It also had become too dangerous to travel from this site seeing the cracks and the wetness of the land above the land slide area. The site is one hour walk from the road point of NFE (Non Formal Education) Center.

The Dzongkhag Disaster Committee comprised of Dasho Dzongrab, District Engineer and the Disaster Focal Person, Tshodrung and the Gewog Officials visited the affected site or the landslides on 16th November.
And it was a joint verification and the inspection for the submission to the DDM (Department of Disaster Management) and the possibilities the Gewog and Dzongkhag can do to prevent any mishaps.
The only immediate need to do was to advise the residents and the passerby and also the school going children of Mendrelgang School to avoid going from this affected site and also not to go in and around this area.

The landslide had occurred in a huge portion of approximately three hundred feet and the small river was also blocked which has caused the water to be stagnant even though there was a continuous water seepage from below. 
Although it has not affected any houses or any crops grown yet the continuity of the landslides is also likely to create a water dam blocking the water flow and is likely to affect more of the forest vegetation.
The small river diverts the border of Mendrelgang Gewog and Rangthangling Gewog and the small portion of landslide can also be seen on the other side, the end point of Zamlingzor village under Mendrelgang Gewog.
The Dzongkhag Disaster committee also assured of their submission of the report to DDM.
And for the time being from the Gewog Administration a letter was also sent to the Tshogpa and also to the Mendrelgang Gup (Local leader) to caution the residents and the school going children.
The Written Notification which is to be kept ahead of the site cautioning all the travelers or the passerby was also sent from the Gewog Administration to avoid any mishaps in future whish states as “ Please don’t go from here, a prone Area”

By Lobzang Choda
R/ling Gewog

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