Friday, 5 December 2014

On 4th December, 2014 a meeting with the public of Sunkosh was held at Sunkosh Chewog and it was about the electric fencing of Sunkosh village after it was put up in the Consultative meeting with all the people of Rangthangling Gewog from the GDG (Gewog Development Grant)Budget.
It was also after being endorsed by the GT (Gewog Tshogdu) members of the prioritized activities which included the electric fencing of the Sunkosh. However it was to discuss as to where and for whom to provide an electric fencing at Sunkosh or in other words it was to only authenticate the need of the electric fencing.  
The members present at the meeting decided that electric fencing has to cover all the Chewog which was not possible as well feasible and the electric fencing for some plots or fields would only mean the wild animals damaging the crops for others.

So it was decided not to go for the fencing which although some individuals of Sunkosh chewog had asked at the time of a consultative meeting on 25th November 2014. 
A consultative meeting was the first and the most important procedure in the GDG Guidelines of 2014 for it has to have the consensus of public of the respective chewogs.

By Lobzang Choda

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