Thursday, 3 September 2015

Electric Fencing for the Samalgaon village


A meeting with the beneficiaries of the electric fencing was held on 2nd September at Samalgaon in presence of Gewog officials, Gewog Administrative officer, Gewog Sr. Agriculture Extension supervisor and Tshogpa.
 The meeting was mainly of the bylaws to be set up amongst the beneficiaries for the installation of the electric fencing at Samalgaon village. It was also to make sure that there is a proper coordination while installing the electric fencing or in the field working at the time of the installation of fencing amongst them. They were briefed and reminded of how the Gewog Administration had earlier found few individuals not willing to contribute and some even declining to set up the electric fencing later on. A Community having very less beneficiaries was also a shortage of the manpower while installing electric fencing like at Salari, Sunkosh community which was having only five households and is only likely to delay the work.
 This Electric fencing of five kilometers is to benefit a total of nineteen households of this village and it was also incorporated for this fiscal year 2015-2016 from the Gewog Development Grant(GDG) of which a total amount of Nu.300,000(three lakhs) had been allocated including the other Electric fencing at Rangthangling Village and Lower Neymedsa village.

It was also having found and seen from the nearby villages of Upper Nevari and Menchuna of Kilkhorthang Gewog of their fields or plots protected from the wild animals particularly wild boars which otherwise used to take the share of a year’s hard work of farmers.
“Not a single boar had entered the field as of now and the people are very happy”, says Mr. Sonam of Nevari Tshogpa.
However the Gewog is procure the required items and it is also to monitor their work.

By:  Lobzang Choda
Rangthangling Gewog

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