Monday, 5 October 2015

Deserving Farmers

Deserving Farmers

Today the Gup, Gewog Administration of Rangthangling gave away the green house plastics for the selected deserving farmers of four chewogs and a total of six green plastics were given of which two numbers were given to Daragaon Farmers Group, one each to Passing Khandu of Samal Gaon village, Phurpa Sherpa of upper Neymedsa, Gopi lal of Gagagaon village and Goma Wati of Dhajay village.  It was also decided in a weekly meeting held on 9th September with the Gewog staffs and the GT (Gewog Tshogdu) members having agreed and approved by all to provide the green house plastics for the Construction of Green houses for these deserving farmers.
For some were always found selling their local produce, crops at Damphu Sunday Market and some were found working hard to bring more produce and the Farmers Group at Daragaon was to encourage them to work as a team to increase the produce.
The Gewog had allocated this budget of Nu.70,000 for the first quarterly budget as per the Quarterly budget utilization plan of the Gewog as ‘Construction of Green houses’ in Agriculture Sector.
“I am very happy having received from the Gewog for it’s a first time and I had been rewarded for my hard work” says Phurba Sherpa.
They were reminded to use it within three months after being provided by the Gewog for which it shall be taken back if found not being used.

Compiled by Lobzang Choda

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