Friday, 23 October 2015

Chips processing training for the farmers of Kikhortang Gewog, Tsirang Dzongkhag

The chips processing training was given to the public of four chiwogs in Kikhorthang gewog, Tsirang Dzongkhag by the National Post Harvesting Unit (NPHU) based in Dagana under Ministry of Agriculture on date 7th August 2015 in Tashiyangong Chiwog.
The training was provided to the public mainly to form a group, whereby they can improve their living standard by marketing their product.

The machine was imported from Thailand and the cost of each machine was approximately Nu. 19000.  A total of 6 machines were provided to 6 groups in Kikhorthang gewog. The machine  supplied to the public by Integrated Food Processing Plant (IFPP) on 50% cost sharing basis.

 fig 1
fig 2

In the fig 1 and 1.1 the resource people are giving both theoretical and practical training about how to make potato and banana chips using machines with full demonstration. The public were taught all the steps involved in preparing chips systematically.
To have a quality chips, we need slicer to peel potatoes into good shape, Deep fat frying machine, which can be cleaned only by using a clean piece of cloth, sealer and weighing machine mainly to capture a market.

Step 1

Firstly, we have to peel off potatoes and then wash the peeled potatoes with clean cold water.  After washing cut the potatoes into slice by using the slicer machine, once again we have to wash the sliced potatoes and let it dry for few seconds for less oil consumption and to control the smoke.
To have a good quality chips, it is always good to used red potatoes of old stock instead of white, fresh and those potatoes which are kept inside refrigerator.

Step 2

Put oil of around 5 liters’ and heat the oil until the red signal turns to green as shown in the deep fat frying machine above. The heating temperature of deep fat frying machine should be set at 180 degree Celsius or below.

Step 3

When we get green light in deep fat frying machine put the sliced potatoes inside the machine and keep on steering   until the smoke and bubbles stops or color of potato changes.

Step 4

Once the potato changed its colors put a plain paper inside a pot and store the chips in that pot.  We can add salt and other ingredients only at this time. After adding ingredients put the chips inside plastic and do a proper leveling, this will be ready for marketing.  

Reported by Damcho, Kikorthang Gewog, Tsirang

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  1. Damcho,

    You've created a great picture story. The only thing missing is the taste! Can see a step by step pic of how chips are made. Tell us more about how much is packaged, where it's sold. A follow up story s needed.