Monday, 27 June 2016

Construction of Permanent Structure of Dharchargang Farm Road.

The handing and taking of the Construction of Permanent Structure of Dharchargang Farm Road at Dharchargang Chewog was done on 25th June, 2016 but with more of the rectifications to complete within twenty days from the date of Handing and Taking. It directly benefits 40 Hhs (Forty households) and the primary school of Rangthangling Gewog. The first cutting of the Road was done with the Constituency Development Grant (CDG) incurring approximately about eight lakhs earlier in 2012 yet without any improvement of the road it therefore created problem especially at the time of the summer seasons and the transportation of agriculture produce became very difficult at this season. The Slippery and Marshy road further created disorders to the commuters.
The Construction of Permanent Structure of Dharchargang Farm Road from BPC Junction to Rangthangling Primary School was awarded to the contractor by the Gewog at the quoted amount of thirty one lakhs one hundred and fifty only (3100150.00) with the actual time period of ten months to complete the work.
It is funded by the SDP (small Development project) of the 2nd Phase.
The road shall greatly help the farmers or the residents in enhancing their livelihood from cash income through sale of agriculture and livestock products. It also helps the school students while going to school than having to walk in the slippery track in summer season and more importantly for the school in carrying out their regular official duties and also for the celebration of the national events and occasions.

Compiled by Lobzang Choda

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