Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Abunden man (Destitute)

Profoundly known as meme kana among village  folks is 57 years old and he is physically challenged and no one is behind  him  in all time.The properties that he had were once for all surrendered to his relatives in  hopes of helping him  in bad times,but in vain.

Many season past by hoping that some body could rescue him out of pathetic condition. Being buddhist  minded  one local person known as meme Borang  entervene  and was reached to hospital  for  treatment.

Mean  while Gewog Administration has proposed for monthly destitute allowance  to support him.

Kinzang choden Kanglung GAO
Thukten Tashi Yangneer GAO

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  1. Kunzang and Thukten, Pl let us know the follow up to this meme. Is the destitude allowance through? Who provides this? How much would he receive? How would it help? etc
    This is a moving human interest story that deserves follow-up.