Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Farmer saves his own day

Sergithang Gewog is one of the remote Gewog in Tsirang Dzongkhag. The Gewog has 5 chiwogs namely serigithangtoe, sergithangmae, semdenjong, Tashithang and Norbugang. Each chiwog has different settler consisting of ngalongs, sharshops, brokpas, lhosampa, khengpas.

In the chiwog called sergithangtoe where the most population is ngalongs depends on agriculture and livestock. Most of the people in this chiwogs spend their precious time in the field and they too come up with new farming improvised technology.

They practices subsistence farming as the labor force is very less in each household. The limited labor force in their own house leads the ‘chasing the wild animals/birds away from field’ idea.  They simply make the tin as a bell and its rope is tied to the house. If the owner happens to see the any wild animal/birds, he/she simply has to pull the rope which creates the sound.  The sound simply chases away the animals thus saving farmer’s time and the crops. 
 "thus farmer saves his own day"

Tashi Dema
Sergithang GAO


  1. What a great innovative idea -and great pictures. May we have a look at the smile on the farmer's face?

    1. i am sorry, i have forgotten to take the pictures of smiling farmers lolz