Wednesday, 23 October 2013

'The Lake story

The name of the lake is 'Buli Tsho' which is located in Nangkor gewog under Zhemgang dzongkhag. It's 30 minutes walk from the gewog office. It's believed that the lake has come from Zhongar dzong under Mongar dzongkhag in  30 years ago. The reason why the lake came from Zhongar was because it was said that there lived a king in Zhongar dzong who used to be very cruel and unfair to the people of that place. The people of that place didn't like the king due to his cruel nature and tried to get rid of him but they couldn't kill him though they tried in every possible ways as the king was so powerful. So the village people consulted a lama about getting rid of the cruel king and lama told them that they have to get rid of the lake before they kill the king as the lake was protecting him. So the village people gathered and discussed about the ways of chasing the lake away from their place.                                                                                                                                                                                                    
The people dumped all dirty things and poison in the lake so as to chase away the lake and as expected the lake ran away the next day. As a result the people could ultimately kill the cruel king.
This is how the Buli lake reached at present place.


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