Sunday, 20 October 2013

Improvement of Rakshidara-Chaunetai Power Tiller Track, Rangthangling Gewog, Tsirang

The Road users Group (RUG) of the Rangthangling Village decided to carry out the widening work of the Rangthangling Power Tiller Track (PTT) after the Contractor was terminated by the Gewog on 19th February, 2013. The RUG decided not to Retender the work keeping in note of the limited budget and also the time period or with the remaining amount of Nu.47, 81519(Forty seven thousand lakhs eighty one thousand five hundred and nineteen), the retender would mean the reduction of budget and the time taking process like the tender to float and unreliable contractor for the work to complete it on the given time period, i.e till December, 2013 for the DRDP activities.

The improvement of the PTT was awarded to the contractor with the contract amount of Nu.6457405 (Sixty four lakhs fifty seven thousand and four hundred five only) and is funded by the Decentralized Rural Development Project(DRDP), MOAF, Thimphu and the Contract date beginning from 1st July,2012 and to complete it on 31st December,2012.
However the jointly meeting on 13th February, 2013 between the Dzongkhag Level Tender committee (DLTC) and the Gewog Level Tender Committee (GLTC) decided to finally terminate the contract having found on non resumption of work by the contractor and also the fundamental breach of Contract by the Contractor.
Presently the work is still being carried out departmentally by the RUG and their payments are made from the Budget of the DRDP including for the Hiring of the Tippers, excavators, Rock Breakers and also for the supply of the materials like the stone gravels, cements and sand. This activity is an Adhoc activity and is to benefit the 62 Households of Rangthangling Chewog and growing Oranges as a source of income. The work has to end on December, 2013 from the remaining Budget available from the DRDP.
By Lobzang Choda
GAO, Rangthangling Gewog, Tsirang